Wednesday, April 14, 2021
A smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A20s)

Got A New Android Phone? Turn On These Crucial Security Settings

If you purchased a new phone with Android 9 (also called Android Pie), you should turn on the following security settings to protect your online privacy and to help reduce the...
Super Mario Run being played on an iPhone 7

iOS 13 Reminds Users That Apps Are Tracking Them

As of iOS 13, your iPhone doesn't readily grant apps the ability to track your location all the time (it used to ask and then you could select the option to...
Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Android Vulnerability Lets Hackers Take Over Your Camera

A security vulnerability in some Android phones allows attackers to access your camera app and invade your privacy (it can even get location data from the photos it takes). The vulnerability...
Super Mario Run being played on an iPhone 7

10 Tips For iPhone Maintenance: Get The Best Performance From Your Phone

If you’re someone that is easily tempted by the fun options on sites like Bazaar Gadgets, you’re probably a techie who gets excited at every new Apple launch, too. New gadgets...
Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Be Unlocked With Invalid Fingerprints

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone has a faulty fingerprint sensor that approves unregistered fingerprints (meaning a thief can unlock your phone, even if they don't have your prints). A software...
An Android smartphone.

Android Q Might Be Able To Block Unknown Numbers/Offer Usage-Based Permissions

Android Q might let you block unknown numbers (like some spammers) and let you restrict location access for apps only when in use, according to a leak.
Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Crypto Wallet, Hole-punch Screen

Images of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 have allegedly been leaked, and they reveal a hole-punch display and a cryptocurrency wallet. New #GalaxyS10 live images leak with ‘Samsung Blockchain KeyStore’ (images via @GregiPfister89)...
iPhone 6 on a wooden table

LCD Screens May Finally Be Dropped From iPhones In 2020

LCD displays were (almost) always the type of screens used in phones until several years ago. Super AMOLED displays eventually came out on the market in high-end product lines (like the...