UPS delivery drone

UPS And CVS Deliver Prescription Medication Via Drone

Prescription medication is something that you normally have to go to a pharmacy to collect, and if you’re seriously ill or incapacitated — it can be quite a nuisance. The days of standing in line and waiting for a prescription may be nearing an end — as CVS and UPS has delivered prescription medications by…

Super Mario Run being played on an iPhone 7

10 Tips For iPhone Maintenance: Get The Best Performance From Your Phone

If you’re someone that is easily tempted by the fun options on sites like Bazaar Gadgets, you’re probably a techie who gets excited at every new Apple launch, too. New gadgets are fun, but it makes more fiscal sense to maintain the iPhone you already have instead of purchasing a new one every other year.…

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Be Unlocked With Invalid Fingerprints

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone has a faulty fingerprint sensor that approves unregistered fingerprints (meaning a thief can unlock your phone, even if they don’t have your prints). A software update will be released to fix the problem soon. The problem is exacerbated or caused by screen protectors, and users have reported that 3D…

data center

Blockchain And The Right To Be Forgotten

Blockchain has been making waves in the media and at the table in many companies for its ability to offer immutability and tamper evidence, reduced data corruption, enhanced security, among other benefits. However, blockchain is not ideal for everything — and privacy is one of those things. Social networks and search engines have been invading…

Tesla electric car

Tesla Developing Car Battery That Lasts A ‘Million Miles’

Electric vehicles have long been seen as a promising alternative to gasoline-powered cars, except with an Achilles heel — batteries. While that was true for decades, researchers at Tesla, Panasonic, among other companies and universities helped change that. They achieved range well over 200 miles for all of their current cars (and over 300 miles…