The Bloodhound SSC. 

Image obtained with thanks from CarThrottle.

Bloodhound SSC Land Vehicle Aims To Exceed 1,000 MPH

A land vehicle powered by three different types of engines in the works, and its engineers aim for it to exceed 1,000 MPH. That is well above the speed of sound, which is 761 MPH at sea level. The three engines are a Rolls-Royce turbofan, a Jaguar V8 engine to power the fuel pump, and […]


Mitsubishi Debuts The XR-PHEV At The LA Auto Show

Mitsubishi has debuted their new FWD XR-PHEV concept vehicle at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show). You’re probably wondering what its electric range is. The two-door crossover can tavel 53 miles per charge if using electricity alone. 53 miles of electric range is substantial for a plug-in hybrid, but it is backed by […]

The founders of Teespring: Evan Stites-Clayton and Walker Williams.

Image obtained with thanks from Teespring.

Teespring Has Made At Least Ten People Millionaires

Teespring is a company that provides custom-t-shirt manufacturing services. I’m sure you have seen many people manufacture and try to sell t-shirts, but what if you could do it risk free without putting any capital into it? Selling shirts on Teespring simply entails creating an account, designing a shirt (with or without uploading your own […]

Ford Fusion Automated Research Vehicle.

Image Credit: Kompulsa / Nicholas Brown.

Can Self-Driving Cars Make Morally Appropriate Decisions?

Self-driving cars are designed to detect objects in their path to avoid collisions and more, but can they discriminate between multiple objects or people and make the least harmful decision? Google has come a long way with this, and can detect and handle most situations very well, but is this the right question to ask? […]

Facebook Groups app for Android -Screenshot of group suggestion page.

An App For Facebook Groups Has Been Released

Facebook has released an app dedicated to Facebook groups for iOS and Android. They aren’t forcing you to switch to it. However, they touted it as a convenient solution for people who use Facebook groups often. Users may see occasional posts from Facebook groups in their news feed, or their news feeds may be totally flooded […]

An Airfield Under A Stormy Sky

Newark Airport Is Getting A High-Tech Upgrade

Terminal C at Newark Airport will upgrade the environment in terminal C so that customers can dine in it. They will utilize up to 6,000 iPads in the terminal which will enable travellers to use their United reward miles or money to purchase meals (with delivery) and travel accessories. From Mashable: ‘[The] dining venues will […]

2015 Subaru BRZ. Image obtained with thanks from Subaru.

Top 6 Most Efficient Sports Cars

I’m sure that many people would love to have a fast car that won’t rack up an enormous fuel bill or cause even more emissions. The list below consists of the most fuel-efficient sports cars I could find. Tesla Model S. 2015 Mini Coupe. 2015 Hyundai Veloster. 2015 Subaru BRZ. 2015 Porsche Boxter. 2015 Lotus […]

Climate change scientists have recently coined a new term, Thermal Runaway. Climate change has many potential implications, but the scariest possibility 'Thermal Runaway' could intensify them all and could do so in a catastrophic way. Image obtained with thanks from Andy Tinkham on Flickr.

Google Uses Anti-Poaching Technology To Curb Overfishing

Google Inc has allowed the free use of their Global Fishing Watch tool launched in collaboration with the conservation organizations SkyTruth and Oceana to expose illegal fishing activities. This system is already capable of tracking more than 3,000 vessels equipped with automatic identification systems (AIS), and that number will increase as many more satellites are commissioned. […]

A man wearing the EveryKey wristband.

Image obtained with thanks from EveryKey.

Everykey Unlocks Your Devices And Logs Into Websites

Everykey is a bracelet technology that goes well beyond password manager apps by storing your passwords and using a wireless bracelet as a key. It also aims to unlock anything that uses a physical key and devices such as your phone or computer. The key selling point of this wearable technology is that users can […]

One of the TI Launchpad MSP430 devices. It serves a very different purpose from the Raspberry Pi with its low-level control capabilities.

You Can Now Get A Raspberry Pi For £13

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the cheapest Raspberry Pi computer yet. The £13 ($20 USD) Raspberry Pi Model A+. The Raspberry Pi A+ consumes a miniscule 1 watt (200 mA or 0.2 A at 5 volts), which is 45% less than the Model B+. This means that most smartphone batteries could power it for 4 […]

Lithium-ion cell.

Image obtained with thanks from Argonne National Laboratory on Flickr.

Queensland Researchers Develop Supercapacitor For EVs

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia have developed a new carbon-based supercapacitor (otherwise known as ultracapacitor) film technology with an improved power density. This enables it to provide larger bursts of power for acceleration. This just means it can discharge its energy more quickly. According to the Queensland University of Technology’s website: […]

Planes at Airport Sheremetyevo. Chauffeur services are a very convenient way to get around and show frequent customers how important they are to the airline industry.

AT&T Cancels Their In-Flight Wi-Fi Plans

AT&T has decided that they will no longer enter the in-flight Wi-Fi industry. Before this decision, they partnered with Honeywell International Inc to provide Internet access via Wi-Fi using their 4G LTE technology. “After a thorough review of our investment portfolio, the company decided to no longer pursue entry into the inflight connectivity industry,” AT&T […]