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Ethereum Wallets Demystified: How They Work

Ethereum wallets are fairly simple to create and operate. However, they are radically different from banks and other custodial financial services. Banks rely on identification and debit cards to determine that you are the account owner. This is an identity-based authentication concept because it is largely hinged on identifying yourself to the bank — which…

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Common Cryptocurrency Scams To Avoid

Cryptocurrency scammers are always on the prowl for unsuspecting victims, but they seem to come out in full force during bull runs. What is a bull run? A bull run is a rally in which cryptocurrency prices increase sharply, and for an extended time period. This attracts thieves who want to steal cryptocurrency while it…


What Is A Low-Pass Filter?

A low-pass filter is an electronic circuit designed to block the passage of signals above a certain frequency. Such a filter’s purpose is to allow only signals below its cutoff frequency to pass through. These filters are usually incorporated in speaker crossovers to prevent subwoofers from playing midrange and treble frequencies. However, that isn’t their…

Arduino and ESP32 microcontroller kits

What’s The Difference Between An ESP32 And An Arduino?

There are several different Arduino products on the market, as well as several ESP32 products. The very first thing we should do here is break down what these two devices really are. To start: An ESP32 is a System-On-A-Chip (SoC). What’s An Arduino? Arduino refers to a platform that runs on Atmel microcontrollers (MCUs). An…


How To Disable Location Tracking On Your iPhone

Location tracking on mobile phones has become more sophisticated over the years. It started with cellular service providers tracking your cell signal (they still can), and then GPS eventually went mainstream. The difference between GPS and cellular tracking is that GPS ascertains your precise location (in the form of GPS coordinates). Cellular service providers are…

iPhone SE 2

What’s The Difference Between The iPhone SE And The iPhone 12 Mini?

Apple released the second generation of the iPhone SE for $399 in May and turned heads with the performance it offered for the price, and for bringing the lowest price point for new iPhones down to $399. That price point helps Apple to break into the mid-range smartphone market, as they have broadened their offerings…