The bottom of a 5 volt, 0.6 amp laptop cooling fan/blower.

Blowers Vs Axial Fans: Which Is Better For Your Project?

Blowers, otherwise known as centrifugal fans or squirrel cage fans are devices that draw air through enclosures. Common applications for blowers include: Laptops. All-in-one PCs (example: iMac). Rack servers. Forcing air through the heating element in a rework station. Certain video cards. The primary purpose of a blower is to generate a higher pressure than…


Scan Your Smart TV For Viruses

Considering that modern smart TVs (specifically the variant that allows you to install apps) run operating systems and can execute code downloaded online, there is a considerable risk of malware (virus) infestations. Malware on such devices is often obtained from one of the following three sources: App store. Side-loaded apps. Web browsing (more specifically, visiting…

Keylogger rendition (security threat)

Android Triada Hack, WhatsApp, And Other Crucial Security News

Another month, more security vulnerabilities and hacking incidents! This article won’t cover them all, but it does cover a few major security-related incidents and vulnerabilities you need to be aware of. WhatsApp Hack WhatsApp users need to update to the latest version, as data-stealing malware can be injected onto your device via a phone call…

Network switch in a data center

Why Blockchain: As Quickly As Possible

As is the case with most technologies, blockchain has its use cases. The first step to identifying blockchain’s use cases and why you should use blockchain, or why blockchain may not be for you is to learn how it works (hardly any technical details required). To put it frankly, blockchain is a data storage concept…