Polestar 1 hybrid car

Volvo Polestar 2 EV To Offer 350 Miles Range, Cost $40,000

Volvo’s upcoming Polestar 2 electric car will offer an industry-leading 350 miles of range, which also exceeds that of most gasoline-powered cars (which are often in the low 300-mile range). The Polestar brand makes high performance cars based on Volvo car designs, but Polestar is now owned and operated by Volvo. 350 miles of range…

Finney phones

Finney Blockchain Phone Has Built-In Wallet, 8-Core CPU And 6GB Of RAM

Sirin Labs — A Swiss-based company has stated that they will release the Finney blockchain phone in November. The Finney blockchain phone has a built-in cryptocurrency cold-storage wallet that is isolated from the rest of the phone for security purposes. The wallet software has a token conversion service that enables users to swap one token…

Bugs on a circuit board

Be Wary Of The Emerging Mobile Security Threat Called ‘Smishing’

‘Smishing’ is an emerging security threat to mobile phone users in which a phisher sends an SMS or other text message to you containing a malware-infested link. Sometimes the senders will ask for personal information, and that’s usually with the intent to rob you or commit identity theft (for example: applying for credit in your…

iPhone 4S

Lost Your Phone? Here’s How To Find it

If you’ve found yourself desperately Googling ‘where is my phone’, you’re not alone. Millions of people have lost their phones, or have had them stolen. Considering that your phone contains so much personal information and important contacts, let’s cut to the chase and look at the phone location services offered by phone manufacturers and OS…


Volvo’s First Electric Car Will Be The XC40 SUV

Volvo, which announced it will eventually stop releasing conventional gas-powered cars in favour of hybrid and electric ones will finally offer an electric model, and it will be the XC40 crossover SUV. The Volvo XC40 is a compact crossover released in September 2017 and sports Volvo’s new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform. The upcoming electric…

COVI speech-enabled lamp

Google Assistant No Longer Requires ‘Ok Google’ To Issue Commands

The Google Home Assistant no longer requires you to say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’ to continue conversations with it. This makes it easier to use, but what are the implications? Many devices have a number of quirks and requirements that most people aren’t aware of, so it would help to explain what the ‘Hey…

Ethereum coins (cryptocurrency)

Square Shares Jump After Getting Approval To Trade Cryptocurrencies

Shares in Square (NYSE: SQ) jumped on Monday as the mobile payments app received regulatory approval for to trade cryptocurrencies in New York, according to CNBC. A welcome feature for customers that want to use cryptocurrencies. The company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey is also the CEO, co-founder of Twitter and has expressed support for cryptocurrencies, especially…