Sony Airpeak S1 drone

Sony Reveals The $9,000 Pro Level Airpeak S1 Drone

Drones have grown over the years (both literally and figuratively) as a carrier for cameras used by video production crews. Initially, most of them were small and could only carry absurdly tiny cameras with poor video quality. The high quality cameras used by professionals are usually enormous and heavy. This is one of the reasons…


Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Truck Starts At Under $20K

Ford’s upcoming 2022 Maverick pickup truck is offering a more budget friendly alternative to the larger F-150 series for those who don’t need it to do as much — and its a hybrid. The new Ford Maverick starts at $19,995. This compact pickup truck has a 4.5 foot cargo bed, which is 1 foot shorter…

Two iPhones

Siri Will Start Working Offline (When Feasible) In iOS 15

Apple has been transitioning towards privacy for years, and they have been making strides. However, Siri has been transmitting recordings to Apple’s servers for processing. It is clear that iPhones have the required hardware to handle speech recognition offline instead of using a remote server to do it, and now Apple is rolling out that…


Samsung’s New Stretchy Screen Can Display Your Heartbeat

The South Korean electronic manufacturer Samsung made a stretchable OLED display that can monitor and display your heartbeat. The display can be stretched by 30% and Samsung says it can monitor your heartbeat more accurately than existing wearable devices — and for longer time periods. Manufacturing electronic circuitry that can stretch significantly without damage is…


Alienware Releases The X15: It’s Thinnest, Coolest Gaming Laptop

Alienware has taken on the challenge of manufacturing gaming laptops that are thin, cool, and powerful — a very difficult combination to achieve. They have released their new X15 laptops which are 15.9mm thick (two of its configurations, at least). The X15 base model is $1,999, and that contains an Intel i7-11800H processor – a…

An Android smartphone.

Android Apps May Be Forced To Use The Official Share Menu

Android apps have been launching custom share menus. However, recently they haven’t been able to (but they can launch ShareSheet, the official share menu) and this was reported as a bug by Sharedr. Google says it isn’t a bug and that apps aren’t supposed to alter share menus because it’s technically infeasible and causes an…