Samsung’s New Stretchy Screen Can Display Your Heartbeat

The South Korean electronic manufacturer Samsung made a stretchable OLED display that can monitor and display your heartbeat. The display can be stretched by 30% and Samsung says it can monitor your heartbeat more accurately than existing wearable devices — and for longer time periods. Manufacturing electronic circuitry that can stretch significantly without damage is…


Alienware Releases The X15: It’s Thinnest, Coolest Gaming Laptop

Alienware has taken on the challenge of manufacturing gaming laptops that are thin, cool, and powerful — a very difficult combination to achieve. They have released their new X15 laptops which are 15.9mm thick (two of its configurations, at least). The X15 base model is $1,999, and that contains an Intel i7-11800H processor – a…

An Android smartphone.

Android Apps May Be Forced To Use The Official Share Menu

Android apps have been launching custom share menus. However, recently they haven’t been able to (but they can launch ShareSheet, the official share menu) and this was reported as a bug by Sharedr. Google says it isn’t a bug and that apps aren’t supposed to alter share menus because it’s technically infeasible and causes an…

USB-C phone charger

USB-C 2.1 Will Support Up to 240 Watts To Power Large Monitors, Gaming Laptops

The upcoming USB-C 2.1 standard will support up to 240 Watts — a large increase from the 100 Watts that the current USB-C Power Delivery (PD) standard supports. USB-C PD has really changed the way that we connect and power devices by combining high current carrying capacity with USB data lines. This resulted in fewer…

iOS 14.6 update screen

iOS 14.6 Has Been Released, Implementing Support For Lossless Apple Music

Apple has released iOS 14.6, an update that enables iPhones to use the new lossless version of Apple Music among other benefits. Apple Card Family: iOS 14.6 enables Apple Card Family users to track and manage expenditure with optional limits and other controls via a convenient app. This is definitely welcome at a time when…